Our Team

The TAS Team

Behind the TAS name is a group of people who love this city. Collectively, we represent a diverse range of interests, backgrounds, and approaches to life.

Alyssa Trivelli

Development Manager

Alyssa oversees a portfolio of projects including TAS’s newest projects, 2 Tecumseth St. and The Keeley. Alyssa has more than 10 years of commercial, residential and mixed-use project development experience, having worked as Development Coordinator and Manager of Monarch Corporation and Dunpar Homes prior to joining the team. 

“My favourite neighbourhood is Bloordale. Why? It’s eclectic, unassuming and inclusive.” 

Amir Peyman

Project Coordinator, Development

With exceptional diagnostic skills having studied and practiced as a physician in Iran, Amir now helps build functional, beautiful buildings and community spaces. He applies his enthusiasm for architecture, construction, development and design to every project. 

 “Community, history & vibrancy are why I love the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood.” 

Andreas Solokowski

Senior Manager, Systems & Processes

Andreas is knowledgeable in interior design, architectural design, operational development, project management, business modeling & financial management. Andreas focuses on implementing a base suite of project tools and management reports and developing & improving on TAS’s project framework. 

“I love Brockton Village. It’s local, friendly and easy to stay caffeinated!” 

Aneesa Alladin

Office Administrator

With more than 5 years of experience, Aneesa provides critical support to multiple areas at TAS including employee onboarding, Health and Safety Board requirements and market research. She also continuously sources and implements ways to improve employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices

“My favourite neighbourhood in Toronto is Yorkville. It’s charming, diverse and chic.”

Arani Srikumar


Arani works on project construction costing, from initial phases to tendering. Her keen eye and love of design enables her to provide detailed reviews of sites, blueprints, contractor quotations and craftsmanship quality. Prior to joining TAS, Arani worked with major residential and commercial developers such as Minto, Menkes and Mattamy Homes. 

“I admire Etobicoke for its robustness and pragmatic nature.” 

Artan Bylykbashi

Building Operator

Artan has more than 10 years of experience in maintenance and customer service. He is responsible for maintaining TAS’s properties using his immense knowledge of the Fire Safety Code, Health and Safety Act & Tenancy ActHe has a reputation for his ability to foster relationships with community members. 

I love the Princess-Rosethorn neighbourhood for its quiet and family-friendly parks.” 

Avery Shopsowitz

Investment Analyst

Avery contributes to our acquisitions, dispositions, asset management, private equity, investor relationships & business development. Prior to joining TAS, he worked at HSBC Corporate Banking and Osmington on the Real Estate team. 

“I love the food, fun and character of the Ossington neighbourhood.” 

Azim Tavakali

Construction Coordinator

Azim has overseen construction and maintenance at TAS for almost 20 years. He manages communication with architects and engineers, adheres to both budgetary and time constraints and specializes in making the coordination of material orders and construction schedules look easy. 

The people and surprisingly relaxing atmosphere of the Entertainment District makes it one of my favourite Toronto areas.” 

Babak Mortazavi


Babak, founder of TAS, holds three Master’s Degrees in Architecture from the National University of Iran, University of Toronto and the Beaux Arts in Paris. He has worked on more than 200 projects in Canada, the Middle East, China and the US. 

“I love The Beaches because of the focus on connections, community and motion.” 

Carmen Istrate


Carmen has nearly 10 years of real estate experience including residential, commercial, hotels and golf courses. She is focused on accounting and reporting system and process efficiency improvements, and the implementation of these new systems and processes. 

“The Annex is historic, hip and always evolving. I love it!” 

Cristina Salas-Santos

Assistant Property Manager

Cristina excels in meeting the needs of tenants with nine years of property management experience. She assists with customer care, securing tenants and coordinating with building maintenance. Prior to joining the team, she worked at GE Capital Real Estate, CBRE and Dream Unlimited Property Administration. 

“I love Centre Island! It’s fun, relaxing and adventurous at the same time.” 

Daniel Hsieh

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel has financed and refinanced more than $500 million of mortgages, operating lines and capital lease programs. In addition to overseeing TAS’s finance function, Daniel is also responsible for leading TAS’s operations (HR & IT) and asset & property teams. 

“King West is my favourite neighbourhood because it has it all – live, play, work.” 

Elizabeth Duguay

Development Coordinator

Elizabeth joined TAS after completing her Planning degree from the University of Waterloo. During her studies Elizabeth completed co-op study terms with Footprint, where she worked as a Sustainability Specialist, as well as two terms with the Urban Infill Division at Mattamy Homes. 

St. Clair West is my favourite neighbourhood in the cityit’s inviting, walkable and has the best cafes.” 

Geoffrey Gibson

Development Manager

Geoff’s responsibilities include overseeing construction, connecting with external partners and sourcing opportunities for economic enhancement. Prior to joining TAS, Geoff worked as Development Coordinator and Manager for The Daniels Corporation contributing largely to the Regent Park revitalization. 

One of my favourite neighbourhoods is Little Portugal. I love the food, fun and down to earth environment.” 

Goran Alexander

Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Goran leads TAS’s marketing & sales and brand & communications teams, ensuring TAS’s brand, ambition and individual projects are well positioned in the marketplace. He brings more than 18 years of experience selling real estate in local and international markets. 

“The pulse, community & diversity of the St. Lawrence Market makes it my favourite spot in the city.” 

Helia Daryabeigy

Associate, Investments

Helia’s experience in project and asset management in both Canada and the US makes her an integral part of our investments team. Helia draws from this experience to collaborate with external operators and TAS’s development team to evaluate assets and optimize investment opportunities. 

“I love Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhoodlocal, diverse and full of character. 

Ibrar Malik

Senior Project Accountant & Analyst

Ibrar’s role as Senior Accountant & Analyst includes overseeing the coordination of cash flows, loan draws, financial statements, operating budgets and various analysis reports and projections. Prior to joining the team, Ibrar worked for Wood Buffalo Housing & Development Corporation, MCV Condominium Corporation and Citco Fund Services. 

“My favourite neighbourhood in the city is The JunctionI love the galleries, design and bohemian atmosphere.” 

Jaynaan Parmar

Data Project Manager

Jaynaan works closely with internal and external resources to plan and launch comprehensive data tracking systems, training programs and integration strategies. His previous work experience includes sports analytics and working for a sustainability and carbon consulting company. 

“My favourite neighbourhood is King West because of the energy, people and of course the food.” 

Jen Farr

Coordinator, Digital Platforms

A strategic communications expert in all things digital, Jen is responsible for the organization, formalization and elevation of TAS’s digital presence. Working with the brand & communications team, Jen works to increase the company’s online footprint and build a robust network of ambassadors to support TAS’s sales, partnership, investment and recruitment efforts. 

My favourite spot in the city is Corktown because of the dogs, design and character of the neighbourhood.” 

Jeremy Carson

Project Manager, Construction

Jeremy’s passion for architectural design has led to more than 10 years of experience in construction of residential family homes, high-rise condominiums, commercial buildings and retirement homes. At TAS, Jeremy supports the delivery of all projects to ensure they meet all scheduling deadlines and budget requirements. 

“My favourite Toronto neighbourhood is The Annex because it’s historic, scenic and full of character.” 

Jess Duerden

Senior Director, Communications

Jess leads the development and execution of TAS’s brand and communications team with 10 years of experience building functions. Jess is focused on reimagining and raising awareness of TAS’s brand, shaping public opinion and fostering relationships. She believes TAS’s ambition can change the game and provide viable solutions to our housing crisis. 

“Kensington Market is my favourite city spot. Why? It’s inclusive and eclectic, plus it’s home to 7 Lives Tacos. 

Jessica McGrath

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Jessica brings to the table over 10 years of experience in high-level stakeholder/executive support, communications and event planning. Notably, she played a key role within the Tour and Advance team for Kathleen Wynne during her tenure as Premier of Ontario. In her current role, Jessica’s supports TAS’s President & CEO through administrative and project-based tasks which include scheduling travel, arranging meetings, handling information requests, preparing reports and correspondence and liaising with board members. 

I love the waterfront, community and charming atmosphere of The Beaches.” 

Jun Lee

Senior Accountant

Jun is a Chartered Professional Accountant with multiple backgrounds. He joined TAS after managing properties and corporate records at Timbercreek Asset Management and working as a controller in the Fintech sector at Flexiti. 

“My favourite neighbourhood is the Beaches because of the views, nature and the community.” 

Kelly Rintoul

Senior Director of Property & Asset Management

Kelly oversees all aspects of the administrative, financial, and capital needs of TAS’s asset and property management portfolio. With a deep connection to the Toronto arts scene, she previously worked as the executive director of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, as well as the director of property management at Artscape. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queen’s University, and represented Team Canada as an ultra marathoner when she was 18. For the uninitiated, that’s 100 km. So neither hiding nor running is an option if Kelly’s tracking you down.

Kenneth Wilcox

Director, Development

As Director, Development, Ken brings experience in development, design, strategy and communications to the TAS team. He specializes in creating and implementing plans that raise vital funds in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Prior to joining TAS, Ken worked as a designer for award-winning architecture studios in Toronto and Montreal. 

“Roncesvalles is my favourite area in the city. Why? It’s friendly, independent and authentic.” 

Kevin Kraliz

IT Manager

Kevin has more than 10 years of experience in real estate software. He provides TAS with leadership in the development and support of IT automation. He specializes in implementing intelligenceinformation and technology solutions. 

“The people, proximity and style of Leslieville makeit my favourite neighbourhood in Toronto.” 

Khan Tran

Executive Vice President, Investments

Having previously worked at CPP Investment Board, Khan has more than 10 years of experience working in the financial services industry within North America. Khan leverages his strategic expertise in acquisition, joint-ventures and business development to lead TAS’s investments team. 

“The St. Lawrence Market is central, nostalgic and has such delicious food. Love that part of the city.” 

Lavan Siva

Warranty Specialist

Lavan ensures homeowners are happy and comfortable in their new space. This includes having extensive knowledge of the Tarion warranty program, scheduling and ensuring work is carried out as part of a warranty claim. Lavan works with our development, marketing, communications and construction teams on all TAS’s projects. 

“I love the area of Fort York. It’s old, but still lively and beautiful.” 

Led Pina

Building Operator

Led has extensive experience in maintenance and customer service in both residential and commercial sectors. His responsibilities include ensuring compliance with any applicable government regulations, being familiar with all aspects of a project’s operations and conducting regular property inspections to ensure everything is running smoothly and is up to Code. 

“I love the food and the family-oriented atmosphere of the Danforth, it’s my favourite neighbourhood in the city.” 

Liza Stiff

Director, Research & Programs

Liza leads expert & visionary research into solutions that address TAS priorities: approaches to long-term affordability, food systems and environmental sustainability ensuring implementation through design from the inception of a project and brought into reality through construction. 

“Riverdale is my favourite neighbourhood in Toronto because of the views, culture and the rich fabric of old & new.” 

Mahyar Tavassoli

Executive Vice President, Project Delivery

Mahyar brings more than 20 years of experience in the ICI and mid/high-rise residential construction industry to TAS. His expertise lies in leading large-scale projects from concept to reality. Mahyar is highly skilled in various project delivery methods ranging from construction management to design-build. 

“I love Rosedale. The trees, openness, biking… all of it!” 

Marly Levene

Development Manager

Marly provides day-to-day management and process guidance on TAS’s projects as part of the development team. Prior to joining TAS, Marly worked for companies like Mattamy Homes and Stantec in development and project management roles. 

“I love Midtown Toronto – it’s all about convenience, community and the outdoors.” 

Matthew Pirzadeh

Manager, Contracts & Estimating

Matthew prepares initial conceptual budgets, tenders and contracts. Matthew stays on top of the Ontario Building Codes, Occupational Health & Safety Act and the Environmental Protection Act and leads multiple projects simultaneously through the pre-construction phase from conception through to handover to the construction team. 

I love the heritage, multiculturalism and vibrancy of Toronto’s Harbourfront neighbourhood. 

Mazyar Mortazavi

President & CEO

Mazyar has been a dedicated and determined city builder for almost 20 years. Believing we have to act differently for different outcomes, he encourages experimentation with new ways of programming and building to solve our city’s most pressing needs. 

“Baby Point is my favourite neighbourhood in the city. Why? City, connections and nature.” 

Meagan McKenney

Senior Property Manager

Managing day-to-day operations and finance reporting, Meagan oversees a growing portfolio of TAS’s mixed-use properties. She expertly looks for opportunities that create and increase value for tenants and local neighbours. Before joining TAS, Meagan was the Director of Real Estate Operations at Clifton Blake Asset Management. 

“My favourite neighbourhood in the city is The Annex. Why? Food, shopping, fun!” 

Michael Siklos

Asset Manager

Michael handles TAS’s portfolio of leasing properties. His responsibilities include liaising with new and potential tenants, ensuring property services are delivered with the highest level of care and performing regular inspections of vacant tenants to ensure readiness. 

“My favourite neighbourhood is Bloordale. I love how dynamic, exciting and evolving it is.” 

Othmane Lazrak

Project Coordinator, Construction

With a degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Othmane brings to the table experience in managing multi-use residential projects in all areas of development including planning, design and construction. 

I love the lively, scenic and gracious atmosphere of the Harbourfront neighbourhood.” 

Reg Dupuis

Senior Project Manager, Construction

Reg has more than 25 years of experience managing projects from hospitals and bridges to commercial and residential projects. His current role involves managing all ongoing projects, with a focus on The Keeley Condos and 299 Campbell Ave., from the moment we break ground to the moment keys are handed over to homeowners. Reg also holds a TARION award for quality building and outstanding experience. 

“I love downtown Toronto because it always feels new, exciting and entertaining.” 


Robyn Shapiro

Associate, Investments

Robyn provides support for acquisitions, joint-ventures, portfolio strategies and business development. Prior to joining TAS, Robyn spent three years at KPMG in accounting roles while attaining her CPA and CA designation. 

The creativity, vibrancy and people of Queen West make it my favourite spot in the city.” 

Sandra Hernandez

Senior Manager, Condominiums Sales & Marketing

Sandra brings more than 10 years of real estate experience to the team. She manages all sales and marketing initiatives for projects ranging from pre-construction to the finished product, her most recent project being The Keeley Condos. Prior to joining TAS, Sandra worked for companies like Camrost Felcorp and Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. 

“My favourite neighbourhood is the Distillery Districtit’s historic, modern and lively.” 

Sean Kelly

Senior Programmer

Sean ensures TAS’s hardware, software and networks are all running smoothly. His expertise is crucial to TAS because he provides critical program assistance and infrastructure management for ongoing projects, helps identify problematic IT areas and proactively implements strategic solutions. This also includes performing system audits to assess their outcomes. 

“My favourite area in Toronto is East Yorkit’s cozy, friendly and historic.” 

Suveathan Velauther

Corporate Accountant

Suveathan supports TAS’s accounting team with approvals, invoices and important day-to-day financial tasks across all projects. Prior to joining TAS, he worked in various accounting roles at companies such as H&R Block Canada and BrightPath Early Learning Inc. 

My favourite Toronto neighbourhood is Sandhurst CircleI love the friendly atmosphere and nostalgia of the mall and school.” 

Tamara Paolatto

Assistant Development Manager

Tamara works with the development team to implement project management best practices across all TAS’s ongoing projects and provide day-to-day process guidance on development activities. Her work is also instrumental in fostering productive and collaborative relationships with our project partners. 

“I always spend time in Little Italy for the great food, sense of community and animated streets. 

Teresa Kwan

Coordinator, Sales & Marketing

Teresa establishes and builds relationships with purchasers and real estate agents on all deposits and contract related files, and ensure that all TAS sales operations run smoothly and efficiently. Prior to joining the team, Teresa worked as a Sales Coordinator at Concord and Goodman’s.

“I love The Beaches because of the community, the relaxation and vibrancy.”

Tooran Mortazavi

Vice Chairman

Tooran holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and her instrumental insights and ideas have allowed TAS to create a new understanding of how we bring a sense of home to our projects. 

I love High Park. It’s welcoming, accessible and has a sense of community.” 

Trish MacKenzie

Manager, Community Relations

Trish focuses on cultivating positive relationships with stakeholders such as TAS’s tenants, neighbours, community members, homeowners and local government officials. Having joined TAS in 2013, she is also the longest TAS employee. 

“The Beaches is my favourite neighbourhood in the cityI love the relaxed atmosphere, the community and the waterfront.” 

Willam Laurie

Investment Analyst

Willam is involved in all aspects of the analysis of new acquisitions and ongoing development projects. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University. Prior to joining TAS, Willam worked for Colliers International Hotels, PSP Investments and Slate Asset Management. 

“I love Leslieville & Little India for the cool shops, food and atmosphere. 

Ziana Moledina

Associate, Investments

Ziana analyzes acquisitions and joint ventures; she evaluates proposed and ongoing development projects, and is involved with business development efforts. Prior to joining the team, she worked in roles at Morgan Stanley and Deloitte.  

“My favourite neighbourhood is Queen West/Trinity Bellwoods. Why? Lively, outdoor space, character and charm!”