Our Team

The TAS Team

Behind the TAS name is a group of people who love this city. Collectively, we represent a diverse range of interests, backgrounds, and approaches to life.

Alyssa Trivelli

Development Manager

Alyssa is a Development Manager currently focusing on two of our newest projects: 2 Tecumseth St. and 7 Labatt Ave. She earned a BA Honours Specialization in Urban Development from The University of Western Ontario, a unique program designed to train future developers and city planners. Following her graduation, Alyssa worked as a Development Coordinator and Manager at Monarch Corporation and Dunpar Homes, overseeing approvals for multiple commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects. Not one to be pinned down by just one discipline, Alyssa dabbles in film photography, and is also a collector of vintage clothing, connecting her interest in style to a deep appreciation for design and architecture.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Bloordale.

Why? Eclectic. Unassuming. Inclusive.

Amir Peyman

Project Coordinator, Development

You might not expect to find a connection between the fields of medicine and architecture, but Amir’s path to TAS proves otherwise. After studying and practicing as a physician in Iran, Amir moved to Canada where he specialized in Pathology at Dalhousie University. But he couldn’t shake an enthusiasm for architecture and construction, development and design, so he decided to shift gears and pursue his passion full time. Amir now uses his diagnostic skills to help plan functional, beautiful buildings and community spaces. And, of course, he’s the first person his friends call when they have a medical question.

Favourite Neighbourhood: St. Lawrence Market.

Why? Community. Historic. Vibrant.

Andreas Solokowski

Senior Manager, Systems & Processes

This world traveller first started his love affair with Toronto on an Interior Design internship in the late ‘90s. After travelling and finishing up his studies over the next decade, Andreas returned to Toronto. Since then, he has worked as an architectural designer and gained experience in operational development, project management, business modeling & financial management. As a man of many ideas, Andreas believes no city is complete without a bicycle lane system, a sharing economy, the power of arts & culture and the ability for small grassroots efforts to lead to big change.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Brockton Village.

Why? Local. Friendly. Caffeinated.

Aneesa Alladin

Office Administrator

Aneesa’s smile is the first thing most people see when they walk through the doors at TAS. Her gracious way and unfailing hospitality are coupled with an enviable ability to mind the minutae and keep the office running smoothly. Born in snowy Canada and raised in sunny Florida, Aneesa holds a diploma in Human Resources Management from George Brown and has a serious soft spot for all creatures great and small. Prior to joining TAS she worked as a veterinary assistant for several years and volunteered at animal shelters. She loves the outdoors and is equally happy hiking through the woods as she is flying down a backroad on a motorcycle (smiling, of course).

Favourite Neighbourhood: Yorkville.

Why? Charming. Diverse. Chic.

Artan Bylykbashi

Building Operator

Artan’s official title is Building Operator, but that doesn’t do justice to the many capabilities of our in-house MacGyver (remember that TV show?). With more than a decade of experience in maintenance and customer service, Artan is the go-to guy for all building maintenance issues. His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the University of Tirana, Albania, a Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT) Certification from BOMI Institute of Canada, and a Gas Technician Certificate from George Brown College. He also holds near encyclopedic knowledge of the Fire Safety Code, Health and Safety Act, and Tenancy Act. Artan prides himself on his communication skills with community members, and is always wearing his smile and his bag of tools. His next personal goal? Watching the world cup in person with his two sons, both equally devoted soccer fans.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Princess-Rosethorn.

Why? Family-friendly. Parks. Quiet.

Azim Tavakali

Construction Coordinator

Azim oversees construction projects and maintenance at all TAS properties. He is responsible for a dizzying array of material orders and construction schedules with ease. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, he left home when he was just 14, and lived in India for over ten years before coming to Canada in 2000. Quickly welcomed into the TAS fold upon arrival, Azim has been part of the family for more than 17 years. His strong personal values of trust, respect, and commitment are a big part of why we get along so well.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Entertainment District.

Why? Relaxing. Atmosphere. People.

Babak Mortazavi, M. Arch


Babak co-founded TAS with his wife, Tooran, in 1983. He holds three Masters Degrees in architecture from the National University of Iran, University of Toronto and the Beaux Arts in Paris. Babak has over 35 years of real estate experience ranging from design and construction to development. So yes, he knows his way around a floorplan—even with his eyes closed. Babak feels that being a part of a community and establishing strong connections to the specific nuances of a place creates a more rich and vibrant urban experience. A wise man, indeed.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Beaches.

Why? Connections. Community. Motion.

Calvin Tang

Project Coordinator, Construction

80 days wasn’t quite enough for Calvin to get around the world—he took 300 days to cross the globe, visiting 22 countries and 56 cities in his quest to see the best of both ancient and modern architecture. After all that exploration, however, it’s still Toronto he chooses to call home, appreciating the incredible diversity of culture in the city’s many neighbourhoods. In his eight years in real estate development, Calvin has run the gamut of jobs in the construction management industry, including experience in site supervision, accounting, customer care, and office administration. With an education in international development and urban planning, he has the perfect skill set to keep all of TAS’ ongoing projects both literally and figuratively on the up and up.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Beaches.

Why? Sun. Swimming. Volleyball.

Cristina Salas-Santos

Assistant Property Manager

Cristina has worked in various areas of property management since arriving in Canada nearly six years ago. Always ready to meet the needs of TAS tenants, she’s a great communicator with a perpetually sunny disposition. She has recently started a business administration degree at Ryerson University, aiming to build on her existing professional skills. When she isn’t taking great care of all our TAS properties and their residents, she spends her time cooking (or eating what Toronto chefs are cooking) with her husband, and visiting with family and friends.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Toronto Center Island.

Why? Fun. Relaxing. Adventurous.

Daniel Hsieh, CPA, CA, CMA, CFA

Chief Financial Officer

Before joining TAS as the Chief Financial Officer, Daniel has made a career of helping businesses reach their financial goals.  He brings expertise in financing, public company reporting, and IT for real estate and commercial development after more than 15 years of experience.  Daniel’s love of Chinese and Indian food started young, as while he is ethnically Chinese, he was born in Calcutta India. He even grew up using some words he thought were Chinese, only to find out they were Hindi well into his teens.

Favourite Neighbourhood: King West.

Why? Live. Play. Work.

Emile Crone

Project Coordinator, Construction

Emile comes to us with a fantastic variety of hands-on experience in the day to day work of construction. He has climbed the proverbial building ladder from his time as a door to door sales manager, to work on custom homes and modular systems. His BTECH CM degree (Bachelor of Technology, Construction Management) is unique in the industry, merging theoretical learning with practical experience. With all this experience in his tool belt, he now takes on project management for TAS with a well-rounded understanding of each of the components he oversees.

Favourite Neighbourhood: St. Clair West.

Why? Warm. Charming. Lively.

Geoffrey Gibson, M.Sc.Pl.

Development Manager

Born and raised in Kenora ON, Geoffrey came to Toronto ten years ago and now officially identifies as a “city boy” and self-confessed urbanist. He has already made his mark on our great city with his involvement in the Regent Park revitalization, as well as numerous mixed-use and residential communities across Toronto and the broader GTA. While Geoffrey has a passion for city building, he still makes time for his first love: getting outside, jumping on a set of skis or canoe tripping across Ontario’s many lakes. And despite his love for the Six, you can still catch him sporting a Habs jersey playing shinny at an outdoor rink in the winter.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Little Portugal.

Why? Food. Fun. Down to earth.

Goran Alexander

Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

With over 18 years of experience selling real estate in both local and overseas markets, Goran knows what makes a city great. And that is an abundance of cultural diversity.  Combine that ideal with a want to make a long-lasting impact on Toronto’s neighbourhoods, and it’s easy to see how Goran can bring ideas to the table that amplify what already exists in the communities TAS joins.

Favourite Neighbourhood: St Lawrence Market.

Why? Diverse. Pulse. Community.

Helia Daryabeigy, BArchSc, MBA

Associate, Investments

Born in Iran, Helia’s family immigrated to Canada in 2001. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Science from Ryerson University, she moved out to the west coast to earn her MBA in Real Estate from UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business. As much as she enjoyed the laid-back Cali lifestyle, Helia missed the diverse, fast-paced big city, and she soon returned to Toronto where she has built her career and her home. Working for TAS as an Investments Associate, Helia draws from her experience in architectural design to understand the importance and influence a real estate project can have on people’s daily lives. Her experience in project and asset management in both the US and the GTA makes her an important part of our investment team.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Leslieville.

Why? Local. Diverse. Character.

Ibrar Malik, CPA, CGA

Senior Project Accountant & Analyst

How many accountants do you know with a decade of financial experience, who are also into skydiving? Ibrar is certainly not your average suit in a cubicle (that’s not how we do things around here). Need cash flows, loan draws, financial statements, operating budgets, and a variance analysis? We have your man. Need a member of your relay team to raise money for The Heart and Stroke Foundation, or a buddy to have your back in the latest extreme sports? Same guy. Calculated risk is his middle name.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Junction.

Why? Galleries. Design. Bohemian.

Jaynaan Parmar

Data Project Manager

Jaynaan is a true Torontonian: born and raised in the city, he’s an avid Raptors fan and a movie-lover whose favourite time of year is during the Toronto International Film Festival. After studying economics at Queen’s University, Jaynaan worked in a number of different fields before arriving at TAS, but they all have one thing in common: he’s always finding meaning in numbers. From a background in sports analytics, Jaynaan moved on to work for a sustainability and carbon consulting company, and then for a real estate investment trust. A Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Jaynaan is an information management ninja who we’re proud to have in our corner.

Favourite Neighbourhood: King West.

Why? Energetic. Food. People.

Jeremy Carson

Project Manager, Construction

When Jeremy was just 5 years old, he was already building very large and very impressive bridges and buildings out of tinkertoys, so it’s safe to say he enjoys working in construction nowadays. His love for architectural design, construction and development has lead to over 10 years of experience in construction of residential family homes, high-rise condominiums, commercial buildings and retirement homes. Jeremy supports the delivery of our projects and ensures they are on time, on budget, and supports our mission to building resilient urban villages.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Annex.

Why? Historic. Character. Scenic.

Jess Duerden

Senior Director, Communications

Equally passionate about communications, Toronto and its Raptors, Jess joined TAS to collaborate with an inspiring team. She’s focused on reimagining the brand, raising awareness of its core purpose, shaping public opinion and fostering relationships. This is just a regular day for Jess−she’s made a career building/enhancing marketing & communications functions in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Jess credits recent work at Toronto Region Board of Trade for her drive to help Toronto−a world class city−finally get the best-in-class transit and housing it deserves. She believes TAS’s ambition to build resilient urban villages can change the development game and provide viable solutions to our housing crisis.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Kensington Market.

Why? Inclusive. Eclectic. 7 Lives Tacos.

John Iwasykiw

VP, Construction

John tells us that he “does what no one else wants to do”. But there’s much more to it than that. As a senior manager, he leads our entire construction team. Prior to joining TAS, he managed major projects including the 79 storey Aura Tower at Yonge and Gerrard, and the Daniels Spectrum Art and Cultural Centre in Regent Park. His 18 years of high rise construction and development experience are indisputable; his claim to have the best BBQ in the city remains to be tested and confirmed by the rest of our staff.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Kingsway.

Why? Eat. Drink. Repeat.

Jun Lee, CPA

Senior Accountant

After working at Timbercreek Asset Management, managing both properties and corporate records, and in the Fintech sector at Flexiti, Jun has joined that TAS finance team as a Senior Accountant.  He is a graduate of the Queen’s School of Business and a CPA.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Beaches.

Why? Nature. Community. Views.

Kelly Rintoul

Senior Director of Property & Asset Management

Kelly oversees all aspects of the administrative, financial, and capital needs of TAS’s asset and property management portfolio. With a deep connection to the Toronto arts scene, she previously worked as the executive director of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, as well as the director of property management at Artscape. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queen’s University, and represented Team Canada as an ultra marathoner when she was 18. For the uninitiated, that’s 100 km. So neither hiding nor running is an option if Kelly’s tracking you down.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Junction Triangle.

Why? Engaged Community. Family-friendly. Accessible.

Kenneth Wilcox

Director, Development

With a degree in architectural design and a broad range of professional experience which spans development, design, strategy, and communications, Ken brings a progressive and collaborative ethic to the TAS development team. Prior to joining TAS in 2014, Ken worked as a designer for award-winning architecture studios in Toronto and Montreal. He is an advocate for thoughtful, ambitious design, and a passionate believer in its ability to create exceptional value for stakeholders and the community alike. In work as in life, Ken values optimism, responsibility, commitment, and humour.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Roncesvalles.

Why? Friendly. Independent. Authentic.

Kevin Kraliz

IT Manager

Before joining TAS as our guru of all things technical, Kevin earned a joint Honours degree in Geomatics and Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. He possesses more than a decade of experience in real estate software, and provides leadership in the development and support of IT and business automation at TAS.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Leslieville.

Why? Proximity. People. Style.

Khan Tran, CPA, CA, CFA

Executive Vice President, Investments

Khan joined the TAS team after working at the CPP Investment Board for over 8 years.  He has extensive experience working across Canada and the US covering everything from industrial lands to downtown office to mixed used developments. Khan oversees the acquisition strategy & execution, joint-ventures and business development. Fun fact: Khan’s first language is Teochew, a language spoken by less than 1% of people living in China.

Favourite Neighbourhood: St Lawrence Market.

Why? Central. Food. Nostalgic.

Lavan Siva

Warranty Specialist

As TAS’s Warranty Specialist, Lavan brings a strong hand to dealing with in-suite deficiencies and ensures homeowners are happy and comfortable in their homes.  With over 5 years experience working in new construction, Lavan works with our development, marketing and construction teams to achieve the TAS vision.  In his spare time, Lavan identifies as a gear head, tech junky and car enthusiast.  He finds the engineering of cars fascinating and spends much of his spare time working on them.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Fort York.

Why? Lively. Beautiful. Old.

Led Pina

Building Operator

After earning his bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Tirana, Albania, Led moved to Canada and completed the Advanced Counselling program and Mental Health Case Management program at George Brown and later, completed the Building Environment Systems program at Seneca. Since then Led has worked in maintenance and customer service in both the residential and commercial sectors. To say he’s ambitious would be an understatement, and Led’s next goal is to complete a degree in Facilities Management.  Led’s attention to detail and focus on customer service makes him a great fit as a Building Operator within the TAS family.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Danforth.

Why? Family-oriented. Atmosphere. Food.

Liza Stiff

Director, Research & Programs

Liza’s work has always focused on creating spaces which predispose change, reconfiguration, or adaptation. In her work on temporary architectures, such as the “Village” component of several international sporting events – the Pan American Games in Toronto or the Olympic Games bid for Budapest – has had a laser focus on the creation of “urban places” and “community” through the assembly of modular structures and landscape elements.  At TAS, Liza is responsible for leading a vision-based innovation agenda, based on research into solutions that address TAS priorities: approaches to long-term affordability, food systems and environmental sustainability, which contribute overall to a more resilient city.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Riverdale.

Why? Views. Culture. Rich fabric of old & new.

Marly Levene

Development Manager

After studying civil engineering at McGill University, Marly found that working in development feeds her interest in structural design, architecture and transportation without having to pick one specialty.  Her fascination for architecture constantly bleeds over to her personal life, which started when sneaking peeks in her parents’ issues of Architectural Digest (she still “borrows” them to this day) and later grew to love exploring interesting buildings while travelling the world. Marly’s favourite city is Montreal – but don’t fault her for it.  She loves their take on bike culture, park development, overall charm and their superior bagels.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Midtown.

Why? Convenience. Community. Outdoors.

Matthew Pirzadeh, B. Eng.

Manager, Contracts & Estimating

A long time GTA resident, Matthew has more than two decades of construction experience as an engineer. As our Manager of Contracts & Estimating, he prepares initial conceptual budgets, tenders, contracts and works closely with Project Managers to select top notch construction trades and Construction Managers, whom he oversees throughout the construction phase. Matthew previously worked for a major developer and a shoring company, and brings plenty of experience in geotechnical, environmental, and dewatering needs to our table. On his own kitchen table? Home made prosciutto and cured sausages, along with a variety of cooking from different cultures. Toronto’s multicultural nature is one of his favourite parts of living in the city.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Harbourfront.

Why? Heritage. Multiculturalism. Vibrant.

Mazyar Mortazavi

President & CEO

Mazyar is President and CEO of TAS. He received his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and his Masters in Architecture from the University of Waterloo. Mazyar is a dedicated and tireless city builder. His passion for cities has charted TAS’s Four Pillars of Sustainability and the company’s continued pursuit in empowering communities through the projects and initiatives that TAS undertakes. Mazyar’s passion for community-based initiatives and his understanding of the socio-cultural underpinnings of design and development have played a guiding role in his work. He is actively involved with a variety of different not-for-profit and community groups.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Baby Point.

Why? City. Connections. Nature.

Meagan M. McKenney

Senior Property Manager

As Property Manager, Meagan oversees our growing portfolio of mixed-use properties, finding and increasing value wherever she can, and managing the day-to-day operations and financial reporting for each of them. Meagan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Merrimack College in Massachusetts, where she attended on a volleyball scholariship. She also worked as the Director of Real Estate Operations at Clifton Blake Asset Management before coming to TAS. This American transplant has happily put down roots with us in Canada, and has nearly completed her BOMI: RPA designation. She has a 7-year-old son she calls a “total rockstar” and we all know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Annex.

Why? Food. Shopping. Fun.

Michael Siklos

Asset Manager

Michael believes in the power of real estate to create social and economic benefits for communities. It’s this passion for city building that has led him to a variety of positions in the commercial real estate industry, including his current role handling TAS’s leasing portfolio. With a degree from Dalhousie University already under his belt, Michael is a current student in the University of Fredericton’s Executive MBA Real Estate Leadership program, furthering his commitment to his chosen field.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Bloordale.

Why? Dynamic. Exciting. Evolving.

Othmane Lazrak, M. Eng, EIT, CAPM

Project Coordinator, Construction

As Project Coordinator, Construction, Othmane manages development projects in all functional areas of construction. In addition to his previous experience coordinating planning, design, construction, and project close-outs, Othmane also holds quite the collection of certifications. His designations include an M.Eng in Construction Management and Structural Engineering, a B.Eng in Structural Engineering, Registered Engineer in Training (EIT) with Professional Engineer Ontario and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). Born and raised in Morocco, Othmane brought his passion for engineering and design to Canada eight years ago, where he earned his degrees and began his professional life. A man who won’t stand for idleness or boredom, Othmane can be found listening to music, playing soccer, or practicing Muay Thai, when he isn’t laser-focused on his responsibilities at work.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Harbourfront.

Why? Lively. Scenic. Gracious.

Reg Dupuis

Senior Project Manager, Construction

Reg’s introduction to construction started early – helping his father purchase homes and converting them into apartments.  That developed into purchasing older buildings and developing them for investors. His career quickly developed into becoming a site superintendent very young and later moving on to general construction management for new construction. Reg holds TARION awards for quality building and outstanding customer service. He brings his skills, experience and more to TAS, by executing and managing our construction projects on time and fulfilling our promises to TAS’s homeowners.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Downtown.

Why? Exciting. Entertaining. New.

Robyn Shapiro, CPA, CA

Associate, Investments

Robyn holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University, and spent a semester on exchange at Tel Aviv University. After graduating, Robyn worked with KPMG, while earning her CPA, CA designation. Working as an Associate on our Investments team, Robyn plays a supporting role in acquisitions, joint-ventures and business development. When she isn’t helping us make stellar financial decisions, she spends her time exploring Toronto’s many neighbourhoods, always in search of something new.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Queen West.

Why? Creative. Vibrant. People.

Sandra Hernandez

Senior Manager, Condominiums Sales & Marketing

As our Senior Manager of Condominium Sales & Marketing, Sandra brings more than a decade of experience in the real estate development industry to the TAS team. She previously earned her education in Economics, Advertising, and Graphic Design, and has worked on a variety of pre-construction developments including high- and low-rise, master plan communities, and resort communities. She has also worked with both real estate developers and listing brokerages. Sandra has a passion for visual communications, along with a strong knowledge and aesthetic and design, which allows her to easily tune into the personas of potential buyers. She is also a keen explorer, equally enjoying walks through both international cities and hidden local hiking trails.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Distillery District.

Why? Historic. Modern. Lively.

Sean Kelly

Senior Programmer

In Sean’s own words, “if it plugs in and/or uses the Internet, I’m usually involved”. He spends his time ensuring that TAS’s hardware, software and network are all functioning without a hitch, which makes him rather near and dear to us. He keeps our online presence up and running, and provides programming assistance and infrastructure management for TAS’s many ongoing projects. When he isn’t saving the day by making that document finally print, he’s been known to tinker with various electronics at home. The ultimate goal is a remote controlled lawn mower, but that may be a little ways off.

Favourite Neighbourhood: East York.

Why? Cozy. Friendly. Historic.

Suveathan Velauther, MAcc

Corporate Accountant

Before becoming our Corporate Accountant, Suveathan studied at York University’s Schulich School of Business, and completed the Master of Accounting program. Suveathan supports TAS’ entire accounting team with approvals, invoices, and day-to-day financial tasks across all of our many active projects. His previous accounting experience includes a role at BrightPath Kids Corp., a company that oversees Montessori schools and daycare centres. In addition to his work and his ongoing professional certification, Suveathan also volunteers his time at an Autism Awareness Centre every week, working one-on-one with Autistic children to improve their quality of life. In his free time, Suveathan is an avid karaoke singer… although he warns us that his enthusiasm frequently outweighs his talent.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Sandhurst Circle.

Why? Mall. School. Friends.

Tamara Paolatto

Assistant Development Manager

Tamara has a background in architecture, but it’s certainly not her only love. She’s a huge baseball fan and avid traveller, currently working on visiting every MLB stadium on the continent (she’s already attended games at 15 out of 30). Tamara also grew up singing in musical theatre productions and now takes regular trips to New York to catch as many broadway shows as she can. She credits her love of theatre buildings themselves with her initial interest in architecture, and has previously worked for a number of architectural firms in San Francisco, Vancouver, and Toronto. Now working as our Assistant Development Manager, Tamara hopes to contribute to our local communities by shaping the future landscape of Toronto.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Little Italy

Why? Family. Food. Occasion.

Tooran Mortazavi, M. Arch

Vice Chairman

Tooran co-founded TAS in 1983 with her husband, Babak. She holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and is instrumental in establishing ‘home’ culture to the many TAS projects. Her insight into the relationship of the domestic sphere, its artifacts, spaces and material culture allowed TAS to create a new understanding of how we envision the house and home.

Favourite Neighbourhood: High Park.

Why? Community. Welcoming. Accessible.

Trish MacKenzie

Manager, Community Relations

At TAS we believe community-building is just as important as architectural building, and there’s no one better than Trish to help shepherd that philosophy. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, she handles brand development and communications for TAS, and is a proud proponent of our commitment to shaping communities. A born and bred Torontonian, Trish’s passion for city-building shines through in both her personal and professional lives. She enjoys exploring the city, and is always on the hunt for architectural gems hidden in its many neighbourhoods.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Beaches.

Why? Community. Waterfront. Relaxed.