Our Team

The TAS Team

Behind the TAS name is a group of people who love this city. Collectively, we represent a diverse range of interests, backgrounds, and approaches to life.

Amir Peyman

Project Coordinator

You might not expect to find a connection between the fields of medicine and architecture, but Amir’s path to TAS proves otherwise. After studying and practicing as a physician in Iran, Amir moved to Canada where he specialized in Pathology at Dalhousie University. But he couldn’t shake an enthusiasm for architecture and construction, development and design, so he decided to shift gears and pursue his passion full time. Amir now uses his diagnostic skills to help plan functional, beautiful buildings and community spaces. And, of course, he’s the first person his friends call when they have a medical question.

Favourite Neighbourhood: St. Lawrence Market.

Why? Community. Historic. Vibrant.

Aneesa Alladin

Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

Aneesa’s smile is the first thing most people see when they walk through the doors at TAS. Her gracious way and unfailing hospitality are coupled with an enviable ability to mind the minutae and keep the office running smoothly. Born in snowy Canada and raised in sunny Florida, Aneesa holds a diploma in Human Resources Management from George Brown and has a serious soft spot for all creatures great and small. Prior to joining TAS she worked as a veterinary assistant for several years and volunteered at animal shelters. She loves the outdoors and is equally happy hiking through the woods as she is flying down a backroad on a motorcycle (smiling, of course).

Favourite Neighbourhood: Yorkville.

Why? Charming. Diverse. Chic.

Azim Tavakali

Construction Coordinator

As our in-house ultra-handyman, Azim oversees construction projects and maintenance at all TAS properties. Calmer than an air traffic controller, he coordinates a dizzying array of material orders and construction schedules with ease. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, he left home when he was just 14, and lived in India for over ten years before coming to Canada in 2000. Quickly welcomed into the TAS fold upon arrival, Azim has been part of the family for more than 17 years. His strong personal values of trust, respect, and commitment are a big part of why we get along so well.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Entertainment District.

Why? Relaxing. Atmosphere. People.

Babak Mortazavi, M. Arch


Babak co-founded TAS with his wife, Tooran, in 1983. He holds three Masters Degrees in architecture from the National University of Iran, University of Toronto and the Beaux Arts in Paris. Babak has over 35 years of real estate experience ranging from design and construction to development. So yes, he knows his way around a floorplan—even with his eyes closed. Babak feels that being a part of a community and establishing strong connections to the specific nuances of a place creates a more rich and vibrant urban experience. A wise man, indeed.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Beaches.

Why? Connections. Community. Motion.

Celia Smith

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at TAS, Celia is responsible for making the business hum. She loves Toronto and believes that through enlightened development choices we can shape a city that works for everyone. Celia has over 25 years of management experience leading significant community-based organizations, including the role of President at Artscape, a Toronto-based property developer known for its innovative social enterprise model. She is especially proud of the spectacular community hubs and affordable housing she has helped build in communities across the city. Celia holds an MBA from the Univeristy of Ottawa and leadership training from Harvard Business School. As a fully trained yoga teacher, she understands that balance is the secret to success (and happiness).

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Danforth.

Why? Neighbours. Grit. Parks.

Charlie Scott

Vice President of Brand, Communications & Experience

Charlie’s path to real estate development meandered through 45+ countries before it landed at the door of TAS. After two decades in the travel business, as an accomplished entrepreneur and published writer, he decided to focus his passion for architecture, design and communications somewhere closer to home. Charlie nurtures the TAS brand and oversees the sales and marketing functions of the business. Driven to discover and share the essence of a place with anyone who will listen, he’s convinced the best way to experience a city is by bicycle.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Kensington Market.

Why? Quirk. Flavour. Patina.

Cristina Salas-Santos

Property Administrator

Cristina has worked in various areas of property management since arriving in Canada nearly six years ago. Always ready to meet the needs of TAS tenants, she’s a great communicator with a perpetually sunny disposition. She has recently started a business administration degree at Ryerson University, aiming to build on her existing professional skills. When she isn’t taking great care of all our TAS properties and their residents, she spends her time cooking (or eating what Toronto chefs are cooking) with her husband, and visiting with family and friends.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Toronto Center Island.

Why? Fun. Relaxing. Adventurous.

David Hunwicks

Senior Development Manager

By nature, a development manager is required to be a jack of all trades; responsible for all the moving pieces in the development approval process. David has that role down pat, with a Masters degree in Environmental Studies and work experience as a planner from downtown Mississauga all the way to the Cayman Islands. He worked for a number of high-profile development companies in the GTA before joining us at TAS. David has been responsible for the approval of over 7,000 residential units (and counting) in his career, so we’re rather pleased to have him here.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Riverdale.

Why? Urban. Transit. Diverse.

Dino DiVito

Chief Financial Officer

Dino has over 25 years of real estate experience in development, acquisition, asset management, investor relations and capital raise. Prior to joining TAS, Dino held senior executive positions with various real estate organizations. He has managed real estate for both his own account as well as institutional investors. Dino is a Chartered Accountant, holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Economics Degree from the University of Toronto, and Diplomas in Project Management and Project Estimating from Algonquin College.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Sherwood Park.

Why? Lively. Walkable. Spacious.

John Iwasykiw

Senior Director of Construction

John tells us that he “does what no one else wants to do”. But there’s much more to it than that. As a senior manager, he leads our entire construction team. Prior to joining TAS, he managed major projects including the 79 storey Aura Tower at Yonge and Gerrard, and the Daniels Spectrum Art and Cultural Centre in Regent Park. His 18 years of high rise construction and development experience are indisputable; his claim to have the best BBQ in the city remains to be tested and confirmed by the rest of our staff.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Kingsway.

Why? Eat. Drink. Repeat.

Kelly Rintoul

Senior Director of Property & Asset Management

Kelly oversees all aspects of the administrative, financial, and capital needs of TAS’s asset and property management portfolio. With a deep connection to the Toronto arts scene, she previously worked as the executive director of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, as well as the director of property management at Artscape. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queen’s University, and represented Team Canada as an ultra marathoner when she was 18. For the uninitiated, that’s 100 km. So neither hiding nor running is an option if Kelly’s tracking you down.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Junction Triangle.

Why? Engaged Community. Family-friendly. Accessible.

Kevin Kraliz

IT Manager

Before joining TAS as our guru of all things technical, Kevin earned a joint Honours degree in Geomatics and Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. He possesses more than a decade of experience in real estate software, and provides leadership in the development and support of IT and business automation at TAS.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Leslieville.

Why? Proximity. People. Style.

Lawrence Ighodalo

Building Operator

Lawrence has over 20 years of experience in building operations and worked for various property management companies before joining TAS. He oversees operations at our rental buildings and is also responsible for requests regarding our properties still in the development phase. Lawrence is known for his ability to effortlessly deliver exceptional customer service—always with an enormous smile. He is skilled in field operations and has mastered the science of building operations. Lawrence holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. At the end of the workday he loves blasting music, “especially o’skool jamz”.

Favourite Neighbourhood: North York.

Why? Food. Culture. Convenience.

Mazyar Mortazavi

President & CEO

Mazyar is President and CEO of TAS. He received his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and his Masters in Architecture from the University of Waterloo. Mazyar is a dedicated and tireless city builder. His passion for cities has charted TAS’s Four Pillars of Sustainability and the company’s continued pursuit in empowering communities through the projects and initiatives that TAS undertakes. Mazyar’s passion for community-based initiatives and his understanding of the socio-cultural underpinnings of design and development have played a guiding role in his work. He is actively involved with a variety of different not-for-profit and community groups.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Baby Point.

Why? City. Connections. Nature.

Michael Pirocchi

Development Manager

Michael is our zen master in the art of development applications. Responsible for obtaining development approvals with governing authorities such as the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario, he works closely with a variety of other teams at TAS, involved from the initial land acquisition, all the way through to the final closing and occupancy of each project. Rezoning applications, building permits, project budgets and legal agreements; you name it, he’s got it handled. Michael holds an Urban Development degree from the University of Western Ontario and is a Registered Professional Planner in Ontario.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Annex.

Why? Context. Architecture. Community.

Michael Siklos

Leasing Manager

Michael believes in the power of real estate to create social and economic benefits for communities. It’s this passion for city building that has led him to a variety of positions in the commercial real estate industry, including his current role handling TAS’s leasing portfolio. With a degree from Dalhousie University already under his belt, Michael is a current student in the University of Fredericton’s Executive MBA Real Estate Leadership program, furthering his commitment to his chosen field.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Bloordale.

Why? Dynamic. Exciting. Evolving.

Nafiz Shabab

Property Accountant

Nafiz is a graduate from York University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He is known to his friends as the ultimate multi-tasking guy who has exceptional organizational skills. With a combined passion for accounting and giving back to the community, Nafiz joined TAS to oversee accounting issues related to TAS properties. Nafiz comes from Bangladesh where he lived for 19 years and studied half of his university in Malaysia before finally moving to Canada. In his free time, he loves to travel, drive, listen to music and spend time with friends and families.

Favourite Neighbourhood: King City.

Why? Scenic. Delicious. Peaceful.

Sean Kelly

Senior Programmer

In Sean’s own words, “if it plugs in and/or uses the Internet, I’m usually involved”. He spends his time ensuring that TAS’s hardware, software and network are all functioning without a hitch, which makes him rather near and dear to us. He keeps our online presence up and running, and provides programming assistance and infrastructure management for TAS’s many ongoing projects. When he isn’t saving the day by making that document finally print, he’s been known to tinker with various electronics at home. The ultimate goal is a remote controlled lawn mower, but that may be a little ways off.

Favourite Neighbourhood: East York.

Why? Cozy. Friendly. Historic.

Tooran Mortazavi, M. Arch

Vice Chairman

Tooran co-founded TAS in 1983 with her husband, Babak. She holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and is instrumental in establishing ‘home’ culture to the many TAS projects. Her insight into the relationship of the domestic sphere, its artifacts, spaces and material culture allowed TAS to create a new understanding of how we envision the house and home.

Favourite Neighbourhood: High Park.

Why? Community. Welcoming. Accessible.

Trina Lecompte

Human Resources & Office Manager

Trina is our certified expert in all things TAS. As our human resources and office manager, she’s the fuel that keeps us running. Trina is a Certified Joint Health & Safety Committee member and holds a certificate in business administration. She also has more than 20 years’ experience working with C-suite executives and their teams. When she isn’t holding down the fort in Toronto, she enjoys golfing and boating at her fort in the Kawarthas.

Favourite Neighbourhood: Don Valley Village.

Why? Parks. Community. Convenience.

Trish MacKenzie

Brand & Communications Manager

At TAS we believe community-building is just as important as architectural building, and there’s no one better than Trish to help shepherd that philosophy. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, she handles brand development, advertising, and communications for TAS, and is a proud proponent of our commitment to shaping communities through the Four Pillars of Sustainability. A born and bred Torontonian, Trish’s passion for city-building shines through in both her personal and professional lives. She enjoys exploring the city, and is always on the hunt for artistic and architectural gems hidden in its many neighbourhoods.

Favourite Neighbourhood: The Beaches.

Why? Community. Waterfront. Relaxed.