Neighbourhood Partnership in The Junction

Fresh on the heels of TAS’s launch of DUKE Condos in the Junction, we’ve recently embarked on our Neighbourhood Partnership Program. Through this program we hope to develop ongoing relationships with businesses, and encourage people to discover the local shops, galleries, restaurants, and cafes that make the Junction such a great place to live. Engaging in activities that bolster the prosperity of local, independent businesses in the Junction is paramount to our approach as city builders.

About TAS’s Neighbourhood Partnership Program

TAS’s Neighbourhood Partnership Program outlines our path to effectively promote and engage with local businesses in the Junction neighbourhood. In addition to featuring local businesses on our website, advertorials, social media platforms, and mobile app contests, we’ll be engaging with the business community in a series of community dialogue sessions about how TAS can have a positive impact in the Junction. We will also be developing a Junction area “passport”, called TASport – a guide that will allow you to showcase your business amongst others in the area. The TASport will include information about local businesses, neighbourhood history, and people who make the Junction tick.

Interested? Engage With Us!

If you would like to participate in TAS’s Neighbourhood Partnership Program, please provide us with the following information by emailing engage@tasdesignbuild.com

  • Your name, phone number, email
  • Business name and logo
  • 50 words (max) about your business and why it is unique
  • 3 images of your business/merchandise
  • Your Twitter handle, Facebook page, FourSquare listing, and any other relevant social media information

TAS Support for Customer Incentive Programs

We’re also exploring possible options for TAS to support incentive programs that drive business to the Junction neighbourhood (e.g. discounts for your loyal patrons, contests to generate hype around your hip business)! We’d love to hear your ideas about what could work best for you and how we can help you take customer incentive programs to the next level.

Curious? Excited? Get in Touch with Us!

TAS is very excited to be joining the Junction business community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our Neighbourhood Partnership Program, or any of TAS’s community engagement activities. We truly look forward to connecting with you!

Emma Point
Community and Partnership Coordinator
Email: emma@tasdesignbuild.com
Phone: 416-510-8181 x 271