Our Story

Driven to elevate the urban experience

We are developers of mixed use buildings, and entrepreneurs for the public good. We build to connect, not isolate, and fundamentally believe that connected communities lead to beautiful, more resilient cities.

Our philosophy is simple: as city builders, we have the opportunity to contribute positively to the city, and we take this position seriously. We aim to support the local economy, celebrate diverse forms of art and culture, and foster positive relationships within our neighbourhoods. In addition, our buildings are designed to minimize their environmental footprint over the course of their life cycle.

Our Four Pillars of Sustainability™ provide the foundation for all of our decisions and chart our course for the future. Our Pillars are our pursuit to enhance our social, ecological, cultural, and economic activities and ensure the positive impact we can have in the communities where we build.

To be true to this philosophy, we must engage in collaborative processes with all of our stakeholders and formalize our position as thought leaders in the realm of innovative, mixed use building projects. We engage with communities, and continuously strive to improve the neighbourhoods in which we build.

As we continue to evolve, TAS aims to define and re-define the new standard. We don’t break rules, we write new ones.