880 Eastern Avenue

Doubling down on our commitment to community engagement.

We are currently delivering our most comprehensive community consultation process to date to help inform this project’s vision and design. Its location presents exciting opportunities: ample frontage on two streets and one laneway; highly engaged local neighbours with strong pride of place; access to the Leslieville bustle and substantial local parklands; a unique historic context characterized by industrial uses. We’ve already started exploring a few big ideas based on initial research, including: enhanced pedestrian and cycling infrastructure; lively street-level commercial and community activity; purpose-built rental homes; and a unique building amenity program that prioritize social gathering and wellness.

Location: Leslieville neighbourhood, Toronto, Canada
Current Status: Rezoning
Estimated Completion: 2024
Design Architect: SvN
Landscape Architect: gh3*
Community Consultation: PROCESS
Key Stats: TBD during design phase

Interested? We hope you’ll take part at the process evolves, watch this space for more info and engagement opportunities.