City Shaping

Food Security

As home builders, we embrace our role as one of the stakeholders who can help to improve our food system. We know that food is a powerful tool to strengthen community cohesion, create good jobs, and generate awareness about the social and environmental implications of consumer choices.

Our vision is to become a private-sector industry leader in the advancement of community food security in the neighbourhoods where we build and throughout the wider city as a whole. To this end, we focus our efforts on creating spaces for urban agriculture, fostering the growth of good food businesses, and building awareness about the broader implications of our food choices.

Ultimately—through our core work as developers—our goal is to create food-focused buildings that provide a platform for the advancement of programs and projects that contribute to food security in the city. We explore and activate ideas that range from the incubation of food start-up companies, development of rooftop agriculture, and the provision of cooking and gardening space for residents. Throughout the development process, we strive to create viable options to make food an integral component of our buildings.