Your Guide to Nuit Blanche 2016

Nuit Blanche, the fall’s much-anticipated contemporary art event, takes place this Saturday October 1, 2016 from sundown to sunrise.

The single night festival brings art to public spaces across the core for one and all to view and experience. To make getting around easier, the TTC will be extending their hours for Saturday night of splendour and awe. As we lead up to the weekend, we present to you our Top 5 Must See Exhibits for this year!


Photo: “Ocean” artist rendering: https://nbto.com/project.html?project_id=242

Starting the night at City Hall in the Rotunda with “Ocean,” an installation by Philip Beesley, which was completely created by leftover textile pieces from H&M, and is meant to recreate the life of the ocean. With the help from sound designer Salvador Breed, audience members will be able to experience the sounds of the ocean as they take in the sights of the textile created waves.


Photo: “Literature Vs. Traffic,” 2015: https://nbto.com/project.html?project_id=44

Take a hop, skip and a jump down to Queen and Bay, where you will find the exhibit, “Literature vs. Traffic” created by a collective group of artists who call themselves Luzinterruptus. This light installation features overflowing books laid out on the street, creating a moment of nostalgia for the audience in our ever-increasing digitized world. Also, fun fact, at the end of the night anyone can come and claim one of the books that are on display!


Photo: “Eunioa,” 2015: https://nbto.com/project.html?project_id=54

Continuing south to the next stop of the night at Canadian Place, Lisa Parks presents “Eunoia II,” an interactive art installation. The installation is comprised of 48 speakers with aluminum dishes placed on top of each speaker and filled with water. Audience members are welcome to wear brainwave headsets that will manipulate the water in the dish as a result of the wearer’s brainwaves. Peggy Baker will be performing for a short period of time during the beginning of this event, so try to catch her in action if you can!


Photo: “Everyone Shares the Same Thought” artist rendering, 2016: https://nbto.com/project.html?project_id=50

A short walk west brings you to Commerce Court, “Everyone Shares the Same Thought” by KURT, and another opportunity for a collective interactive journey for the audience. Upon arrival, viewers should expect to be received by a team of Thought Attendants to help them on their journey. Every few minutes, screens and projections will display a new thought that will come alive throughout the architectural structure.


Photo: “Fallen Water” artist rendering: https://nbto.com/project.html?project_id=42

The last stop of the night is at Brookfield Place with Kevin Cooley presenting “Fallen Water.” This installation is created with several TV’s placed and organized in a waterfall like shape that displays different flowing water scenes, meant to question the nature of humans, as they are mesmerized by the presence of water.

What are your must-see stops during this year’s Nuit Blanche?