Q&A with Beaches Bakeshop

Beaches Bakeshop is a cozy neighbourhood café with Scandinavian flair in the heart of Kingston Road Village. The shop specializes in traditional Swedish baked goods, like their cardamon-kissed cinnamon buns and other buttery delights.

We interviewed owner Anna Tvinnereim about her favourite treats, what makes her store special and why she loves living in her community.

What’s your top seller?
Our Swedish cinnamon buns, or “kanelbulle”, are definitely our best sellers. They have been voted Best Bun in Toronto by BlogTO several years in a row. We sell loads of our “Bundles of Energy” as well. They are kind of a happy relationship between banana bread and a granola bar.

What would we find most surprising about Beaches Bakeshop?
That we actually bake everything on site with real, quality ingredients—we only use butter in our baked goods. We have always been into baking but we are also into a balanced diet. That’s why we sell lots of salads, healthy snacks, sandwiches and quiches as well.

If you are curious about Scandinavian products like Swedish Cheese Doodles or Finnish mustard, we are your go-to store. We make open face sandwiches and sometimes we have special events like Swedish Meatball Dinners.

What’s your favourite treat in the shop?
It depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s a salty liquorice candy from Finland, another day it’s the best chocolate in the world (according to me): Marabou from Sweden. Then another day you’ll find me indulging in a Sarah Bernard, a heavenly gluten-free treat with almond, chocolate and butter cream. If I am rushing out to Bikram Yoga I’ll grab a Bundle of Energy—with cranberry! That will keep me going.

Tell us about your cooking classes for kids.
Taste-Buddies Cooking classes is where kids in the neighbourhood can get exposed to cooking and baking together with friends while having lots of fun. We offer birthday parties as well, which are very popular.

What do you love about Kingston Road?
The people, all the local and independent businesses and the owners, the closeness to the water, nature and our lovely city, Toronto.

Would you rather be a bird or a fish? Why?
I’d for sure be a bird. The view, the space, the air, the freedom of going anywhere anytime.

How many calories in a mini cinnamon bun? Wait, don’t answer that question.

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