A Buzz on Tecumseth

Our newest, busiest tenants at 2 Tecumseth Street have arrived for the summer, and they’re excited to get involved with the local community.

In partnership with Bowery Project and Alveole, we’re proud to announce the installation of a temporary urban garden and four beehives on our property at the corner of Tecumseth and Niagara. These are just our first steps to breathe new life into this site as we begin its transformation.

Last week 500 crates filled with herbs and flowers were added to the fenced in area facing Tecumseth Street, thanks to the fantastic folks at Bowery Project. A non-profit organization with the mission of using vacant city spaces for urban farming, co-founders Deena DelZotto and Rachel Kimel use their projects across the city to engage communities and grow food for local chefs and charities.

If you live or work in the neighbourhood (or even if you’re just passing through), we invite you to come take a peek, a sniff, and a sprig or two of something to bring home to your kitchen. The area is open to the public during weekdays all summer.

What do these plants need, aside from water and a generous helping of summer sunshine? Our new tenants on the other side of the property: a colony of master pollinators. Four busy hives have been set up by our friends at Alveole, full of bees who can travel up to 5 km from their home to pollinate.

Started in Montreal, Alveole was conceived by three friends who wanted to bring beekeeping in from the fields to urban environments. Bees hold an essential role in our food chain, and the integration of their hives into our cities keeps our ecosystem strong while allowing communities to get involved and learn more about them.

In September Alveole will run a workshop with a local school, opening up the hive for honey extraction. We’ll be receiving 400 jars of honey (100 from each hive) to distribute to the community. We also plan to run another workshop for the community this July—stay tuned to our blog and social media accounts to find out more information and get involved.