Signs of Growth on TAS’ Rooftop Garden

At TAS, a strong team makes for a strong yield as our rooftop garden shows signs of life.

With help from our friends at Young Urban Farmers, the TAS team planted an assortment of fruits, vegetables and herbs. The garden, which contains 36 earth boxes, has already begun significant growth, producing a surprisingly hearty yield.  Produce from the garden includes tomatoes, eggplants, arugula, kale, okra and a variety of herbs and peppers – with this year’s front runner for “Best Achiever” going out to our juicy and delicious organic strawberries.  Each harvest is made available for all TAS team members, perfect for take home or adding to a lunch.

Contributing to local food security is something TAS cares deeply about.  We believe that healthy cities begin with resilient communities that have easy access to high quality food and helping to fill in the city’s food deserts should be a top priority.  Our dedication to helping the communities in the city is showcased by our Four Pillars of Sustainability, shaping the Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental puzzle pieces that help build a healthy neighbourhood.

Since 2013, TAS has partnered with Cultivate Toronto at our 7 Labatt property, to implement a rooftop garden that serves the surrounding community.  Totaling 108 earth boxes, 36 of which are dedicated to providing fresh produce  to the Regent Park Community Food Centre, and the remaining produce sold at the Regent Park Farmer’s Market.

Since its inception the project has been a major success, yielding 400 lbs of fresh produce each season to contribute to the community.  On the path to creating a healthier Toronto, what better place to start than with what we eat?