Project Neutral – Be The Change

There is arguably no greater threat facing humanity than that of climate change. The task of reducing the world’s global warming emissions is overwhelming at best, requiring dedicated and sustained efforts from government, industry, and citizens.

That is why TAS has recently partnered with Project Neutral. This non-profit organization works at the household level to find achievable solutions to what would otherwise be an overwhelming challenge. We invite our friends and followers to take Project Neutral’s Household Carbon Footprint Survey.

Households who complete the survey will receive a Carbon Footprint Report. The report provides a visual breakdown of a household’s carbon footprint based on energy and water use, what they eat, and how they get around. The report identifies the most important changes a household can make to reduce their carbon footprint, and even allows participants to see how they compare to their neighbours and other households across the city. If a household completes the survey two years in a row, they will receive a progress report outlining the impact of their actions over the two years.

TAS has chosen to partner with Project Neutral because as home builders we are well positioned to generate awareness about household energy conservation among the people who live and work in our buildings. Our condominium projects are designed to meet LEED silver standards, but there are more steps that households can take to further minimize their personal environmental impact.

Be the change. Take the Household Carbon Footprint Survey today.

All images courtesy of Project Neutral.