TAS Profile: Fluf

With Labour Day sadly behind us, it’s time for the return of packed-lunch season. There’s no need for brown bag despair, however: Fluf is taking litterless lunches to the next level with their whimsical designs and planet-friendly production methods.

Fluf co-founders Nathalie Butterfield and Terra Cushner started out designing fabrics and pillows, but their business really took off when they introduced a line of stylish, machine-washable lunch bags made from sustainable 100% organic cotton. They’ve since expanded to include backpacks, totes, and super-sized lunch bags (for big snackers). All products are designed at their HQ studio in The Planet, part of the TAS commercial portfolio.

Between the two of them, Nathalie and Terra have seven kids—all the way from toddlers to teenagers—to consult as quality control. “They’re an amazing source of inspiration and feedback,” says Nathalie. “I bring things home sometimes and they’ll be like, ‘No, that’s terrible! Make something with emojis.’”

Though Fluf’s bags are designed with kid-appeal in mind, they’ve proven to be just as popular with adults. Their bestseller is an elegant canvas sack with “LUNCH” stamped on the side, but Nathalie has also spotted grown-ups eating out of the cute and colourful Chirp bag. Fluf recently launched a line of mini backpacks for preschoolers which are equally coveted by tweens—no matter what your age, it seems a stylish lunch bag never goes out of fashion.

Fluf is also proud to offer a ‘girl power’ bag, donating $1 from each sale to Plan International’s Because I am a Girl. The Canadian government matches each of these donations with an additional $10. “We like to use what we do to give back to communities,” say Terra & Nathalie.

Fluf lunch bags can be found at Whole Foods in Ontario, or ordered online at Well.ca. For their full product line, visit Fluf.ca.