Rooftop Garden – Toronto’s Newest

Rooftops are great. They keep you warm and dry, and generally allow you to go about your day without worrying what Mother Nature has in store. But rooftops are great for another reason – you can put stuff on them. Not just boring equipment like HVAC systems, but really great stuff like gardens. Yes, that’s right:

Rooftop gardens.

Over 20% of Toronto’s land area is represented by roofs and there are lots of good reasons to take advantage of these unused spaces. As real estate developers, TAS builds, owns, and maintains roofs all over the city and we recognize the vast potential we have to transform these spaces into ecologically diverse, community inspired, food production hubs.

Enter CultivateTO – a non-profit social enterprise whose mission is to reconnect communities with fresh, local food. Since 2010, CultivateTO volunteers have created and maintained vegetable gardens in residential backyards across the city, selling the produce through a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) model. This year, CultivateTO set their hopes even higher…about three stories up, on a rooftop!

And so begins the development of a fruitful partnership: TAS provides the rooftop space, and CultivateTO supplies the gardening know-how. It’s a beautiful thing really, and last week Toronto’s newest rooftop garden was born.

We’ll let the pictures of the installation tell the story. More to come as the season progresses!