Urban gardening with EarthBox

I don’t mean to sound like a entrepreneur pitching their product to investors in the Dragons Den, but the Earthbox is the ultimate gardening system. As a designer, I’ve never had a green thumb but these planters really make me feel like an urban farmer. Currently, we are using this revolutionary product on two of our rooftops and as a result, our yield is growing at a rapid pace. I thought it would interesting to take some time to highlight why this system is so innovative.

Since 1994, a decade of scientific research has gone into pioneering the Earthbox. Developed by commercial farmers, the maintenance-free, award-winning structure, controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork and makes planting a breeze. Where the innovation comes into play is that the fertilizer remains on the top of the soil and the water comes from the bottom of the unit. While this may seem unusual, inventor, Blake Whisenant claims that this system “provides the best possible growing environment for plants…”

I wanted to learn more about the product and reached out to Chris Wong of Young Urban Farmers who has been using the product for the last five years and was one of the first retailers to carry the product in Canada.

TAS: What makes Earthboxes so unique?
YUF: There are a number of things that make the EarthBoxes unique. The first is a 2 gallon reservoir built into the bottom of the container, which can allow the plants to go up to 1 week between watering (exact time will depend on weather like wind and temperatures, size of plants, and sun conditions).

TAS: How long can they last?
YUF: The boxes are also designed to last for many years, through both hot tropical places and lots of sun (they are UV-stabilized) and through frigid winters (they are frost proof and can freeze solid without cracking). They are designed to make gardening as simple and as easy as possible.

TAS: Why would you recommend them to businesses / individuals?
YUF: I would recommend EarthBoxes because they allow anyone to successfully garden and grow their own vegetables. All you need to do is water and harvest when the plants are ready. They are modular and can fit in a wide range of spaces like decks, rooftops, patios, backyards, and front yards.

TAS: I remember when we are assembling them there were a lot of extra items.
YUF:  Yes, there are a number of accessories that can allow excellent vertical plant growth (staking system), raise the height of the boxes to minimize bending (stand), or keep the boxes watered automatically without batteries or electricity (automatic watering system).

Does this flexibility allow them to be installed almost anywhere?
YUF: I have used the EarthBoxes on rooftops, decks, balconies, front yards and back yards in homes, condos, townhouses, cottages, restaurants, and businesses. I know they have also been used internationally (not through YUF) for food aid with the UN and  at the Google head office in California as some of the more higher profile locations as well.

For more information visit Earthbox.