A Dynamic Duo at The Keeley

At TAS we’ve built a reputation on creating stylish urban developments. When the opportunity arose to bring our unique vision to Keele and Sheppard, we teamed with the highly creative and innovative Teeple Architects to bring downtown uptown.

We have partnered together before, most recently on Kingston&Co.

What makes the pairing so successful is our mutual commitment to unique architectural design. Neither TAS nor Teeple are into cookie cutter condos. Both companies look for ways to infuse personality and character into our communities. Each suite in a TAS/Teeple building is meticulously and thoughtfully designed for a particular resident. It’s this style of development that really sets us apart and gives purchasers tremendous choice.

Additional components of this awesome team include TACT (interior design) and Ferris + Associates (landscape architecture). They share the TAS/Teeple vision that goes far beyond ordinary into the realm of extraordinary.

So what are we cooking up for Keele and Sheppard? A community centred around Canada’s largest urban park, the new subway line expansion (with a station nearby) and a product mix that works for singles, couples, and families.

Introducing The Keeley; a condominium building and collection of townhomes with its own ‘Parkyard’.

What’s a Parkyard you ask? It’s a hybrid between ‘park’ and ‘back or front yard’ and it’s the perfect descriptor for The Keeley. Its location, sandwiched between Downsview Park and an extraordinary network of hidden ravines leading directly from our backdoor, makes it the perfect spot with its own Parkyard.

Priced hundreds of dollars per sq. ft. less than downtown condominiums, The Keeley presents a rare opportunity to get more home for less and still have all of the advantages of urban living.

The Keeley is opening in Winter 2018. Register now for more information as it becomes available. Meantime, start getting your ‘park’ on. This is going to be fun!

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