Farm Lot – Summer Market Party

Summer really kicked off at the Farm Lot this week. Fresh City Farms, Berry Fresh, TAS, and Detox Market hosted the Summer Market Party at the Farm Lot, celebrating the Farm Lot’s second year at 369 King Street West. The small space was packed with people coming to enjoy the Farm Lot’s regular supply of fresh local produce, as well as wares from nearly a dozen of Toronto’s own local vendors.

Among the vendors was Indie Alehouse, providing  their fresh local brews from over their junction location at Dundas Street West. Soup Girl was also present, offering pre-made soups as well as an assortment of Dry Soup Medleys soups for people to cook up later at home. Cookie Martinez, Nice Buns Bakery, and From Scratch Pie Co. provided both sweet and savory fresh baked goods. Fresh bunches of flowers were offered by Sweet Woodruff. Pekoe Kombucha Bar also attended, selling fresh kombucha tea to wash down the delicious vegan and gluten-free baked treats provided by Shockingly Healthy. With such a provision of goodies, it’s not surprising that people packed into the Farm Lot’s space to enjoy the market feel in the heart of downtown Toronto.

What began as the joint initiative between TAS and Fresh City Farms has really blossomed (pun intended!) into a successful use of urban space. The home of the Farm Lot – 369 King Street West – has changed from an empty lot space into a vibrant farming oasis right . Now well into it’s second year, Fresh City, Detox Market, TAS, and Berry Fresh hosted the party to celebrate the tiny farm’s continued success.

While plenty stopped by for the celebration, several regulars also arrived at the Farm Lot to do their grocery shopping on the way home. From Ontario sweet corn to fresh cherries, all that is good in Ontario in the summer was available. The good news? it still is! The Farm Lot is run by Fresh City and Berry Fresh everyday, and will remain open so long as weather allows.

So while we hope you all enjoyed the Summer Market Party, feel free to continue to stop by the Farm Lot for your produce needs downtown.

Farm Lot Hours

Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm

Saturday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm