Junction Life: Indie Ale House

The “Junction Life” blog series tells the story of Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood.

Over the decades, the Junction has been able to keep its historic charm alive and thriving. One of the most historically interesting and unusual facts about the area is that it was in prohibition until 1997. There are many rationalizations as to why this neighbourhood was kept alcohol-free for so long, with one of the main reasons to reduce crime rates. As a neighbourhood full of hidden gems and places to see, this is just one of the many reasons that make this area so unique and exciting to explore.

Today, the Junction is home to lots of pubs and bars including Indie Ale House, the Junction’s own home brewery. This small all-Canadian craft brewery makes big, bold, flavourful ales, and paired with the laid back atmosphere, makes it a perfect spot for meeting up with friends on the weekend or after a long day at the office. Jason Fisher, the Owner, has been brewing beer since he was 16 and follows his gut when creating new styles and dealing with the traditional rules of creating craft beer. This unique brewery takes beer seriously and staff have said they consider themselves mad scientists. They are constantly creating new beers, but keep in mind, with a constantly changing beer menu, there are no guarantees that you will get taste the same beer twice. So, when you find one you love, you can take home a 2L and 500mL bottle to save for a rainy day from their in-restaurant store and even purchase some of their swag to rep around the city.

Not only does Indie Ale House pride themselves on quality beer but they also have a stellar menu. They recently brought in a world-renowned Executive Chef to evolve their team and devise their menu. It’s not your typical pub grub either with popcorn, truffled polenta, various salads and sandwiches to try. Don’t be shy and ask the waiter for good pairing suggestions.

Our recommendation? Start with the BBQ mahogany ribs and finish with the flourless bourbon brownie. We’ll leave the choice of a main course up to you.

Go on & grab a cold one from Indie Ale House.