Kingston Road Fall Festival

With construction almost finished on Kingston Road just west of Victoria Park, the Kingston Road Fall Festival was full of families and locals out supporting the Kingston Road Village BIA despite a rainy venue. Along the street you could find anything from a Real Estate agent dressed as a mustard bottle serving burgers topped with pea meal bacon to a brunch poutine paired with an apple pie milkshake being gobbled down by everyone in sight.

As with any street festival, the food was a main attraction. A definite highlight was the selection of pulled pork, sausage rolls and cheese filled pastries topped with a locally-made, vegan/raw hot sauce served at the local specialty grocer. It was no surprise that crowds gathered around, with live music playing across the street and a few tents to shield from the rain.

These village festivals are a great way to get exposure for new businesses. As a life long local to the Kingston Road Village, I was surprised at the amount of new storefronts that mingled long time businesses. I discovered a fish and chips place selling $1 boxes of thick cut fries, a nautical themed interior design store, selling only items that would remind anyone of an east coast fishing town, and a bakery releasing their new cinnamon bun recipe for only $1 each.

While the old staples are still around and kicking, like the record store that never seems to be updated but always has that obscure reference you heard about from your most hipster of friends, or the nail salon that takes you right back to 1992 and old Julia Roberts movies, it’s safe to say that the area has gone from a lazy Sunday Brunch street to a great time for a low key Saturday night at the local pub.

I appreciate that the area is developing with the rest of the city while still maintaining a certain sense of being frozen in time. Where storeowners seem to never grow old and always know your name.