Lonely Fruit, Please Help

No one likes to be lonely. Yet every year thousands of fruit and nut trees in Toronto wallow in loneliness. From lonely apples, cherries, walnuts and many others, they sit watching summer go by, growing and wondering, “Will someone pick me?”

This is the premise behind Not Far from the Tree’s (NFFTT) digital fundraising campaign this spring. NFFTT is a non-profit organization in Toronto that works with homeowners to keep up with the abundant harvest produced by trees on their property. NFFTT mobilizes volunteers who pick the bounty and split the harvest between the homeowner, volunteers, and those in need at local community kitchens and food banks.

To make sure that all of Toronto’s “lonely” fruit gets picked, NFFTT has launched a digital fundraising campaign with a goal of $3000. Every donation will help them increase their capacity to pick and share fruit this year.

Consider a donation to this incredible group who are making good use of healthy food, addressing climate change with hands-on community action, and building community by sharing the urban abundance.

All images © Ashley Barron – http://ashleybarron.com/