TAS is “Best for the World”

Competing to be the best in the world is one thing—setting your sights on being best for the world is another entirely. We’re always working on the former, and proud to recognize our recent achievement in the latter category: for the fourth year in a row, TAS is in the top 10% of B Corps’ Best for the World list.

Every B Corporation is a company working to use their business model as a force for good. TAS was pleased to be the first Canadian real estate developer to earn this designation, back in 2013.

In an economy where profit is overwhelmingly viewed as the primary goal, B Corps also strive toward a higher purpose: the “B” is for benefit, and encourages positive change for workers, communities, and the environment. TAS is thrilled to be in the top 10% of B Corporations for the fourth year running, this year with specific recognition in the Best for the Environment category.

TAS relies on each of our Four Pillars of Sustainability (Social, Ecological, Cultural, and Economic) to provide us with a lens for problem-solving throughout the development process. It’s through this framework that we continue to use our work as a force for good in all the communities we’re a part of.

The full list of 846 Best for the World honourees can be found here, and if you’re wondering what it takes to get your own company certified as a B Corp, check it out here.