TAS’s Home Base – The Eglinton Way

When we talk about TAS’s neighbourhoods, we are often referring to places we have built, or are building new homes. TAS neighbourhoods also refer to places where our team members contribute to their community through volunteer activities in our personal time, or through dedicated staff volunteer days. However, there is another neighbourhood that has great meaning to us: The Eglinton Way – TAS’s head office location.

The Eglinton Way is where we hang our hats from nine to five, go for lunchtime take-out sushi, and celebrate staff birthdays at the local pub. Spanning along Eglinton Avenue West from Oriole Parkway to Chaplin Crescent, the Eglinton Way is a nine-block stretch of shops containing a little bit of everything. Perhaps the BIA website says it best:

“Here you can dine at one of the finest restaurants in the city, luxuriate in a French spa, get your hair styled, improve your wardrobe, select a gift, buy a bouquet of flowers, make a pet happy, purchase a painting or rent a video.”

In September, The Eglinton Way BIA launched their new brand and announced the planned activities to highlight the neighbourhood in the coming months. The main upcoming event is the Eglinton Way Street Festival from Oct 24th to 26th, which is a three day opportunity for merchants to showcase their products and services to the neighbourhood. Of course, no fall street festival is complete without face painting, buskers, and music, and in addition to these elements the BIA has arranged for rickshaws to whisk festival goers up and down the street.

TAS, along with several of our tenants at 491 Eglinton Avenue West, will be participating in the festival. We hope to see lots of people out enjoying the fall day and celebrating the diversity of this beautiful neighbourhood.

Check out the images below for some of the new Eglinton Way BIA brand launch elements including neighbourhood banners, snazzy street benches, and a new blog!