TAS Rooftop Garden – The Launch

If you find yourself driving by TAS’ head office on Eglinton West, take a look upwards. On any given weekday, you’re likely to find our CFO sneaking up to the roof at lunchtime to harvest his lettuce.

However there’s nothing sneaky about it. Last month, the TAS team embarked on our newest project around the office – a rooftop garden that is already overflowing with leafy kale, budding tomatoes, fragrant basil – and yes – our CFO’s coveted lettuce plants.

The implementation of a rooftop garden on TAS’ head office building is well aligned with our existing efforts to build awareness and provide support for the development of urban agriculture in Toronto. This is evidenced by our existing collaboration with Fresh City and Berry Fresh to animate our vacant lot on King Street West, as well as our rooftop garden project in partnership with Cultivate Toronto. Of course, we’re also particularly excited that our recently launched development in Kingston Road Village – Kingston&Co Condominiums – will offer homeowners the chance to exercise their green thumbs on a rooftop community garden overlooking Lake Ontario.

The garden at TAS’ head office building has truly been a team effort. Championed by our President, supported by our executive team, installed by our construction coordinator and property manager, and filled with soil and plants by staff, the rooftop garden is something we are all proud of. Together, we share watering duties and regularly make plans to go up to the roof for lunch. There’s no better place to take a quick break and connect with your fellow team members.

Similar to the rooftop garden we launched with Cultivate Toronto in 2013, the TAS head office rooftop garden uses EarthBoxes to grow our veggies. Along with some high quality soil and compost sourced locally through a company called Young Urban Farmers, EarthBoxes provide a highly-productive growing environment that can withstand intensive vegetable plantings. Combine this with full day sun exposure on the roof and you have one heck of a rooftop garden.

I think I speak for the TAS team when I say how pleased we are to have been provided space and materials to grow our own food on the roof. Whether you are an experienced vegetable gardener, or are growing food for the first time, the TAS head office rooftop garden is a great place to “ground” yourself on an otherwise hectic day at the office.