Why it Matters – How our Values define our future

TAS is on the cusp of launching a new project: Kingston&Co. Condominiums. As we do so,  I’ve been tasked by our team to write a piece on why we’re moving away from the traditional marketing launch strategy we’ve all become accustomed to; a formula that has been tested time and again by our industry, and one that buyers have become increasingly familiar with.

So why is TAS taking a different approach? It’s simple, we are aligning what we do with who we are; we are aligning with our values.

In our day to day work, irrespective of a new launch, TAS has set out to create a culture that is defined by our values.  These values prioritize collective gains over individual ones (personal or corporate) and ultimately empower a sustainable business model.  In this light, we have committed ourselves to building homes for people.  We live by the mantra that good homes make for good investments, but we know that good investments may not always align with a quality space to call a home.

We are not ignorant to the chatter around us. From the distaste for developers who make empty promises based on magazine cover sales offices, to the hidden condo fees that feel like they defined the whole notion of ‘fine’ print.  Layer this on with uncertainty in the real estate market and you have a legitimate market of skeptics.

As a company, TAS has been pushing the envelope to create a truly different experience for people who are interested in our buildings.  For us, this starts within our own four walls where we live and breathe by our value system. We are a certified B Corporation and ranked amongst the top 10% of accredited socially responsible companies worldwide.  We are also one of 12 founding companies listed on the SVX – a platform for impact investors to connect with ventures that have demonstrable social and environmental impacts, an initiative of the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing. These 3rd party accreditations are important to us because they support the claims we make with respect to social commitment and corporate culture.

TAS’ corporate culture is our lens; it’s how we see the world and how we go about engaging with it.  We start each of our projects through a strong community engagement strategy – conversations about how the community sees its neighbourhood and how we can become part of it.  I always say that our entry into a neighbourhood is like being a dinner guest in someone’s home;  the host sets the menu and you partake in the conversation. When TAS enters into a neighbourhood to launch a project, we initiate this foray by speaking with local businesses and stakeholder groups, and by supporting and aligning ourselves with community based initiatives. Our collaboration with the Junction Triangle community has resulted in the incorporation of a new library in the plans of an upcoming building, while our discussions with a couple of local business owners in the Junction saw the birth of the Junction Flea Market.

As we embark on sales for Kingston&Co. (the Co. Stands for Community) we knew that we wanted to facilitate a transparent process with our registrants. To do this, we have created a dynamic public blogging platform for discussion of  the topics and issues that we have been told are top of mind for home buyers today.    Yes, the blog is moderated so we can ensure a proper conversation, and yes, we will post contrarian views and things that we may not particularly like. For us, this presents an opportunity to have a real conversation and be open about what we are doing. More importantly the discussion platform will continuously inform us about what people want and need to know about the places that they want to live.

In concert with the public discussion platform, our Kingston&Co. sales launch will mark the origin of TAS’ concierge program; a communication framework we have created so that our registrants may engage in one-on-one  conversation with our team well ahead of coming to our presentation centre and also have a go-to-person throughout their entire sales experience.

We are committed to being a different kind of company.  We are not perfect, but we are striving to be the very best we can. We believe that initiating conversations will truly make  a difference in how we create your home buying experience.