Our Story

Our Four Pillars of Sustainability

TAS’s Four Pillars of Sustainability™ define our commitment to support vibrant communities, thriving local economies, a diversity of culture and a healthy environment. Our Pillars provide a lens through which we examine issues and address problems, and ultimately provide a framework for sound decision making at every stage of development.

Each of our Pillars has been visualized with a pattern, thus creating a unique graphic language. Across all of our communications, we infuse the patterns in the stories we tell, and attribute them to the activities of which we are a part. Although each Pillar has its own distinct pattern, they are more often weaved together to create an urban fabric. Merged in this way, we believe the patterns reflect the interrelated nature of sustainable city building components.



We are committed to producing a positive impact on the social fibre of our city. Through supporting and sponsoring programming on our properties such as the Junction Flea Market, the Farm Lot and rooftop gardens, we help foster the spaces where communities can connect.



We are committed to developing projects that have a minimal ecological footprint and help to sustain our planet. We explore opportunities to go beyond minimum sustainability standards in our building projects, often instituting innovative features to reduce energy and water usage. Our M5V Condominiums development was certified LEED Gold and we have chosen 100% green energy for our head office through Bullfrog Power.



We recognize and support diverse forms of arts and culture, based on our inherent commitment to innovative design. We ensure our building projects are architecturally creative, but respond to the surrounding community. We also engage with the local art and design scene, featuring their work in our DUKE Condos sales centre and in the common areas of our building projects.



We are committed to fostering the economic prosperity of the communities and neighbourhoods where we build. We build relationships with local businesses through our Neighbourhood Partnership Program, using our building projects as a platform to support local economic development. We’re also exploring opportunities to create affordable homeownership opportunities within our developments and push the wider affordable housing conversation forward.