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Junction Life: Forever Interiors

The “Junction Life” blog series tells the story of Toronto’s West End Junction neighbourhood.

The Junction has been a home to many labourers, craftsmen and steelworkers throughout the 20th century. Today, the Junction is known as one of the many hubs for creative thinkers and innovators.

Forever Interiors is a hidden gem within the Junction neighbourhood that was established in 2005. This small, independent business creates magnificent custom furniture pieces from reclaimed material like kitchen islands, cabinets, vanities, benches and tables. Their focus is primarily with the use of wood like Douglas fir, and offer a variety of styles and different stains when creating their custom pieces.

Luckily, we got to ask Martin, owner of Forever Interiors, a few questions about his business and why he chose the Junction neighbourhood to call home.

How did you get started in this business?

I was working for a software company, the tides had turned and I ended up out of work, so I decided to help my brother who is a real estate agent. We staged homes using eclectic furniture from garages sales, most of which needed some tender love and repair. One thing led to another and now we make furniture from the ground up using reclaimed materials sourced mostly from Toronto but also from Southern Ontario.

What inspires you to create new works?

I have tight control over design. We have a limited amount of designs, so when I get an idea, if it’s good, I develop it, perfect it, and make it so we can duplicated it 100 times over. We made our first modern metal table and have had so much success with orders that we’ve made hundreds. Now we have 6 table designs that we make on a regular basis. Most of the design for the product is inspired by our customer interactions.

What is your favourite thing to create?

 Every so often, there will be a customer wanting something out of the ordinary, a single piece or a collection. It’s always fun to work on projects like that. We’ve done a number in the past, mostly for corporate customers. We welcome them with the opportunity to do more.

What do you like about the Junction neighbourhood? How long have you been located on Dundas West?

 I’ve had the store for 11 years. What do I like about the Junction? Small town feel, local friends and local respect.

 Do you have any favourite spots?

 This is a hard question to answer! I have so many friends that own their shops in this area.

 Vine Park is great for young families and has developed of the years. Indie Ale House is a great family-oriented and hipster-oriented addition to our bar/restaurant scene in the neighbourhood. The Hole in the Wall is the centre of culture life in the Junction, we all meet there cause its our local watering hole.

 What are 5 words you would describe the neighbourhood?

Baby carriages, Restaurants & bars, Furniture stores.

 Do you live in the neighbourhood?

In the surrounding area, so it’s a 5-minute walk to work for me.