Kingston&Co: Meet the Architect

Meet the architects behind Kingston&Co: Teeple Architects. These award winning architects have been creating beautifully designed buildings across Canada since 1989 and TAS is proud to have their genius behind Kingston&Co.

We caught up with Stephen Teeple and his team to chat about the inspiration and design behind the building.

Tell us about what your work on Kingston&Co.

As the Architects of Kingston&Co, we see this project as an opportunity to continue beautifying Toronto’s East End and to transform Kingston Road. We want to breathe more life into the Upper Beaches neighbourhood which is becoming the home to an increasingly bustling community

Tell us about Teeple Architects.

Teeple Architects is a design-oriented, mid-sized architectural practice which seeks design, innovation and technical excellence in all of our projects, inclusive of the new mid-sized condo Kingston&Co. We are interested in the intersection of design and everyday life.
If you could describe Kingston&Co architecture in three words, what would they be?

Urban. Textured. Gracious.

What makes a project like Kingston&Co a good “fit” for you?

We enjoy exploring the opportunities for intensification of a city offered by the mid-rise typology like we’ve designed for Kingston&Co.

What is your favourite architectural element at Kingston&Co?

The textured rhythm of the facade is our favourite element at Kingston&Co.

What are key considerations with regards to architecture when designing a condominium?

Creating a place that people want to live is the key. Architecture has to capture the imagination of people who may want to call it home, and we’ve purposefully designed Kingston&Co to have a clean aesthetic.

What did you draw design inspiration from in the creation of Kingston&Co?

We draw our inspiration from all of the design parameters we are handed, from the City guidelines to the beautiful Upper Beaches neighbourhood. We’ve also drawn much of our inspiration from the history of Kingston Road as a key route and passageway to and from the City.

How does the building connect to its surrounding? To the community?

Kingston&Co connects to the community through the continuation along Kingston Road. It also steps down in scale to the low-rise residential community to the north.

Why do you enjoy what you do?

We enjoy being inspired by the unique opportunities each one of our projects present. Toronto boasts a lot of unique neighbourhoods and that affords us a chance to seek inspiration in a variety of environments.

Why do you enjoy working with TAS?

TAS as a developer is unusually design-focused. They have an in-depth understanding of what we as designers are trying to pursue, that makes them a great partner to work with!