Meet Your Kingston&Co: DogGone Right

The “Meet your Kingston&Co” blog series tells the story of Kingston Road Village through the eyes of local shopkeepers.

DogGone Right has been around (officially) for 10 years, but Margaret Pender, founder and owner, has been working with dogs for over 35 years.  Located at 3198 Danforth Avenue, Margaret specializes in training puppies and helping owners understand what to expect with a new puppy in the house.

DogGone Right has been located on Danforth Avenue for the past 3 years, and previously housed the training studio at Fallingbrook and Kingston Road.  Like many business owners in the area, Margaret lived in Kingston Road Village, and liked the idea of keeping her work close to home.  Especially as her own pups are always by her side.  Plus, once you’ve lived in the beach, you will always be a “Beacher,” and it’s not hard to get lost in our small town within a big city.

As someone who knows and lives in the area, she describes the area to all newcomers as unique, friendly, well-maintained, established, yet up-and-coming and the shops and homes all offer a great sense of neighbourhood pride as they are consistently very well maintained.  On Margaret’s advice, if you are going to shop around the area, her must-see shops are Courage Foods, Kingston Road Flower Market and Tropical Thai & Schezuan Cuisine.

DogGone Right is a professional dog obedience and training centre, specializing in puppy training and helping owners understand what having a new puppy around the house actually means.  And not only will you and your new pup learn how to work together, Margaret also makes sure all the families that walk through her door understand how to play together through recreation and what’s called fun-agility (otherwise known as non-competitive agility training).

The studio does not choose the puppy, and all are welcome.  It really is up to the puppy and owner to understand if the studio is the right choice for them.  Plus, any participants in the puppy training are also welcome to take part in Margaret’s daycare for adolescent dogs under the age of 2 who are current or past clients.  As someone from the area, and a dog owner who went through DogGone Right for both training and daycare, DogGone Right is a studio full of dog whisperers.

And even better, they have plans to expand!  Currently the studio is undergoing renovations to increase the space on the main floor, and to reconfigure the main and basement floors to hold trials.

Needless to say, Margaret plans to be in the neighbourhood for a long, long time.  If you are interested in Puppy Obedience classes, they are held every Monday night at 7 pm or Saturday mornings at 9 30 am.  Visit their website here for more information.