Meet Your Kingston&Co: Fallingbrook Market & Cafe

The “Meet your Kingston&Co” blog series tells the story of Kingston Road Village through the eyes of local shopkeepers.

Fallingbrook Market and Cafe is located at the corner of Kingston Road and Fallingbrook Road, and are coming up on their 5th anniversary this September.  They chose the area for a few different reasons – the area is located on an old highway that remains to be a fairly busy throughout fare and both the owners, Tony and Colleen, saw potential for a community full of young families for their business to be successful.  Their goal was to create a space where people wanted to be, and where you can come to relax.

That idea of community and a comfortable, homey space is not unlike the rest of the neighbourhood.  Kingston Road Village is, as we have seen throughout the Meet Your Kingston&Co series, that the neighbourhood really is different from the majority of the city.  We have a close knit group of people of all ages that are social together, relaxed and casual.  This is was proven once again during an event we hosted last week for the residents of Henley Gardens, where people came in to visit our showroom and the evening ended up as a social with wine and cheese (from the Art of Cheese) for old friends.  Everywhere you go in Kingston Road Village, you are bound to know someone, and Fallingbrook Market and Cafe proves to be a great space to come an enjoy a coffee with an old friend.

The space is always welcoming new customers, and regularly those new comers end up as regulars coming in for their daily fix of the veal parmesan sandwich.  As I spoke to Tony about his restaurant, regular customers came in to chat with him and his wife, and of course to enjoy a good old fashioned home cooked meal.  They had a dream of creating a space that feels like they are entertaining in their own home.  The cafe is simple, casual and relaxed, and Tony and Colleen are always up to make up a menu item on the spot if asked.

They have also included a grocery element to the cafe, and love to try new things.  As they like to have staples of items like different sauces and pastas.  If customers like what is served, you can count on it becoming a regular fixture in the market.

If you are looking for a new lunch spot, check out Fallingbrook Market and Cafe 158 Fallingbrook Road, at the corner of Kingston Road and Fallingbrook Road.  Stop in to say hello to Tony and Colleen.